SemCell® Success images
SemCell® Success images
“I struggled with very bad acne for many years and I have tried everything I could find and nothing ever worked. I used Proactiv for a number of years and the only thing I lost was my money. It never worked for me. Over the last 4 months I had been using DermaCleanse and I had just switched to Clearpores and still I had hardly any improvement at all and when I did see like 10% improvement it would always go back to the way it was before and I was back where I started. It really effected my self confidence and I never thought it would ever get better. Then I tried Lilac Clear Skin Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer and the results were amazing. For the first time in my life I finally started to clear up and gained my confidence back. I finally can smile in my pictures. I can’t thank you enough.” (Results may vary)

Dayana 24, Los Angeles






“SemCell® Cream feels amazing on my skin. Not only has this cream helped reduce the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead, it has also helped even out my skin tone. It gives me a healthy and youthful glow that lasts all day. I love this cream!” (Results may vary)
39, Los Angeles

“SemCell® crème is the best crème I’ve ever used. Never before has any crème made such a significant difference in my skin. All other crèmes gives you a dewy look for a few minutes, after you put it on, but as soon as it’s dry, there is nothing. SemCell® has actually lifted my entire face and made my skin look more youthful. Even my forehead and décolleté is looking softer. But my favorite most surprising part is how it rid my face of lifelong acne.” (Results may vary)

48, Los Angeles

“This natual stem cell moisturizer is truly miraculous. SemCell® cream has really done wonders to reduce my lines and lift my face back to where it belongs. I look 5 years younger.” (Results may vary)

42, Minneapolis

“I will never use another cream again. I love SemCell®!” (Results may vary)

34, Chicago

“Wow, without drying my face out it seems all my acne is gone naturally, thanks to SemCell® Clear Skin Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer. My skin seems so much cleaner, and smoother, as the pores are so much smaller.” (Results may vary)

21, Florida

“Amazing creams. I noticed instant tightening and plumping of my skin with the StemCell® serum and moisturizer. It even seems to even out my skin tone.” (Results may vary)

39, Texas

“Really wonderful. SemCell® has given me the most noticeable improvements of any skin care I have ever used.” (Results may vary)

67, New York

“Finally, an acne product that really works! I’ve suffered with acne breakouts for over 20 years and since using this product, I haven’t had one breakout. I actually went out in public without wearing makeup for the first time in years. SemCell® Lilac Clear Skin Stem Cell Serum & Moisturizer are by far the best acne product on the market and I will never use anything else.” (Results may vary)

38, Seattle